Having partnered closely with Rational over many years, Drury understood how in today’s landscape of globally distributed software and systems development, where projects have key team members performing critically different functions in different cities, and even different time zones, being a software hero was no longer enough to stay competitive. Success was determined by the best teamwork. For the launch of Rational Team Concert, built on the breakthrough collaborative JAZZ Platform, Drury created a carefully targeted, highly entertaining, and totally non-traditional campaign. Speaking in a style Rational Users (RU’s for short) immediately locked onto, the campaign brought together the best of cutting-edge graphic novels and CG machinima animation to create a customized serial action adventure, “RU READY TO SAVE THE DAY!” Drury created six R-Heroes (based on the audience’s key constituencies) who fought major business obstacles and challenges (personified as Super Villains.) Characters, storyline and issues were introduced in a variety of novel ways. A series of HTML emails delivered in 6-panel graphic novel style, teaser videos done like movie trailers in machinima and released on YouTube and key portals, banners on websites, and even Facebook, where each character (job type) had its own page.