360 degreeWhile content is important to Action Based Learning, how and where the audience receives this content is equally so.Seating is the key to this concept, yet it’s often an after-thought.

We looked at seating from an unexpected point of view, putting it first. By doing so, we created a completely immersive experience — a 360-Degree Learning Environment.

A theater in the round room setting and stage design literally places attendees in the center of knowledge. Scrims on all sides of them activate with new information while a central speaker controls the main message. As far as energy flow and directing attention, a 360-Degree Learning Environment is powerful.

And, as in our approach to the Verbalization Lab, design and color are a huge part of the experience. Blues and greens are soothing colors, putting people at ease.

After the education sessions, the lights come up to reveal a larger expo space encircling the attendees that is fully branded. Guests then flow between the two areas for the remainder of the day, taking in activities offered within both spaces.

Our philosophy is simple. By changing the seating dynamics we change the learning dynamics. Immersing your team in the message is powerful, memorable and effective.



JJ main stage 3_resize

JJ stage seen from expo_resize

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