The third and final level of Action Based Learning (the other two being Verbalization Labs and 360-Degree Learning) uses peers as professors.

Collective Sessions break down broad topics introduced at General Sessions, deepening the conversation that had begun and weaving it into the fabric of that day, and by extension, your attendees’ memory.

In creating Collective Sessions, we explore missions, visions and values using a professional moderator to prompt, engage and excite the attendees.

The process begins by separating the group into smaller collectives for more robust discussions, usually around a round table. The moderator then will bring up a question surrounding values, then move onto performance and other issues that client wants to impart or instill. At each table, the power of the collective is harnessed to delve deeper into the topic.

We take the process to its final step – summation – using a professional white board artist to creatively interpret the information culled from each group. In the end, a series of white boards are presented to the group as a whole, further deepening the impact of the information into the individuals within the group.

Our philosophy is simple – people learn and remember better when they are engaged with the content on a very personal level. The three levels of our Action Based Learning program do just this.






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