In this three-part series, we explore three Action Based Learning (ABL) techniques designed to reinforce key objectives in ways that are engaging, effective and memorable.

Why Action Based Learning? In 35 years of producing award-winning programs, we’ve determined that it is the most effective way to complete the circle of content created through education sessions and learning experiences.  A program can be entirely built around Action Based Learning activations, or ABL may be offered in conjunction with elements of the program, such as a General Session. Either way, these programs are designed for maximum information retention.

Our philosophy is simple. We have found people learn better and retain more when they are actively engaged in an experience.

The first of the three Action Based Learning techniques we create specifically for training attendees on site on a new product, or service, is the Verbalization Lab. And, contrary to what you think, the first thing we do to setting the foundation for the lab is to transform what people see and feel.  In this case, the company’s brand story was integrated throughout the space through the use of its logo colors, blue and green.

The Verbalization Lab is custom designed for each company, message and objective. In eh photos to the right, the client wanted to educate its sales force on a host of new products. The team moved through areas of interaction based on how we learn.

First, teams approached printed panels with information about each product and what it did.  They were then prompted through an iPad program to review and answer questions about that product. Next, they were asked to hear the information as interpreted by others. Finally, they were asked to present it back to the group in the form of a peer-to-peer competition.

Everything the attendees saw and did was fully integrated with the learning objective in mind. Environment, message and brand integration, competition, peer-to-peer and peer-to-expert communication all go into the success of a Verbalization Lab.

It’s one of three Action Based Learning techniques that we believe are highly effective in training today’s sales forces.





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