Drury worked with Good Housekeeping to create a program where amateur chefs participated in a competition where winners received a cash prize.

Graphics, web promos and videos encourage participation and submissions to the competition. Finalists were flown in to New York City for the final competition, which was shot on-site in the Good Housekeeping test kitchens. Drury created the 30-minute TV cooking program called “Cook Your Heart Out,” that aired on multiple network channels, where GH and the American Heart Association screened all recipes, which had to meet stringent AHA guidelines.  The winners were announced at a special gala dinner at Good Housekeeping, which the chefs, spouses, sponsors, press and advertisers attended. The gala was held in The Hearst Boardroom overlooking NYC, where TV celebrity journalist Mika Brzezinski hosted. Each category had a winner who received $5,000, and the winner received a check for $125,0000.