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Action-Based Learning

We transform traditional training content into Action-Based-Learning experiences that are engaging, effective and memorable.  Attendees are on their feet, applying what they know, participating in active scenarios.  Whether they are role-playing with peers, meeting with SMEs, or completing knowledge checks, action-based-learning drives real world results.

Action-Based Learning

Speaker Readiness Program

Built on 40 years of experience with public speaking, ELEVATE is Drury’s presentation skills program designed to make your speakers better presenters and storytellers.


What is Elevate?

Elevate is a program designed to
enhance, amplify and make you a more effective storyteller and presenter on stage. 


Why Elevate?

  • Focuses on telling a compelling story

  • Increases your preparation 

  • Provides expertise and coaching

  • Offers scalable solutions

  • Catered to your team


Who benefits from Elevate?

  • Presenters

  • Audience members

  • Clients

  • Customers


How the Program Works

Story First

We help you find your story.

Remote Coach

Our Remote Coach tool provides opportunities to practice and get real-time feedback.

Production Built

ELEVATE was built on four decades of production experience: we know what it takes to engage your audiences.